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Instructor : Dr. C

Dr. C is an ex Sr. Scientist at Intel Corporation. He earned his Ph.D. from Iowa State University with a double major in Physics and EE. During that time he received the President's teaching excellence award multiple times.



Middle School TeacherSeattle
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I have been teaching middle school mathematics for 9 years. PaperBoat courses are the best I have seen. The features that make these courses very effective are - (1) Every practice problem comes with a video explanation. This feature alone makes it the best resource. (2) Every concept is related to something observable. A student will feel that rules of mathematics are not random, they follow everyday observation. (3) Extremely knowledgeable teacher. The teacher will give some ideas of where a concept will be used in the future. Examples include Artificial intelligence, video games, Weather forecast, Price of an item, image editing and many more. I have started using these examples in my classes and students love them. This is the resource every student need.
Parents of 4th graderSan Francisco, California
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My kids hate fractions. They think fraction does not make sense. I have tried 2 different private tutors, Khan Academy, IXL, Dreambox - all of them. PaerBoat academy is the only place where fraction feels easy and makes sense. I have been watching the lessons with my 4th grader and I can confidently say that these are the best lessons.
Parents of 4th and 6th graderSanta Monica, California
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Dr. C is an amazing teacher. He offered free Math classes in our FB group and ever since we have been using only PaperBoat lessons. So far we have tried Fractions and PEMDAS. Both of these courses are FANTASTIC. I highly recommend these courses.
TeacherNew York
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I am a teacher and my daughter is struggling with math. We tried many different websites ( khan, ixl, study). PaperBoat is the most effective learning website for my daughter. Dr.C teaches everything as if he is telling a story. He relates everything to something we use and builds up the math from there. I think that is a very effective teaching style. You should get these lessons.
Parents of 5th graderTel Aviv, Israel
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We like the cadence of the teacher. He is always smiling and somehow gives the feeling that mathematics is easy. He is the best teacher we have ever seen.
Parents of 3rd and 6th graderSan Francisco, California
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Very simple design and easy to follow lessons. Our kids love this brand new site. Each and every lesson is very thoughtfully made with plenty of examples. The best part is the video explanations of every problem. I highly recommend Paper Boat Academy.
ParentsLondon, U.K
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Paperboat academy is giving free access to everyone due to coronavirus. We were skeptical at first as we never heard about them. After trying the fraction lessons, we have stopped using all other resources! The teacher has a very simple style. He relates everything to the kids' world. We highly recommend these lessons.
Parents of 2nd and 4th graderPortland, Oregon
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My 4th grader is an advanced student. Paperboat academy is the only website where I could find advanced topics. My 2nd grader loves the fraction lessons. The teacher makes every concept so simple, even a 2nd grader can understand. Thank you paperboat.
TeacherPortland, Oregon
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I have been using Paperboat with my student during school closure due to coronavirus. These lessons are the most effective lessons for elementary students. I am going to recommend them for the whole district. I think they are way better than other resources.

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Fraction Fundamentals
Fraction Operations

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