Sample Questions

In this course, students will see over 200 multiplication fact questions. Some of them are with numbers and some are story problems. Each story problem is designed so that a kid will find it funny. Math does not have to be serious.

Sample Questions :

A baby dinosaur’s poop weighs 3 pounds. If he goes to the bathroom 7 times a day, what is the total weight of his poop for one day? 🙂

In a football game, a player jumped 2 times after every touchdown. How many times did he jump if his team touched down 6 times in a game?

A baby horse is trying to run backward.  But after every 4 steps, he falls. If the baby horse tried 9 times, how many steps did he make in total?

You have an old shirt. You decided to make holes in that shirt. You made 8 rows of holes. Every row had 5 holes. How many holes did you make in the shirt?

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