Learn the main events from Columbus's discovery to how USA became a country of 50 states. All events are told in a story style. We have intentionally avoided all the controversial events as our kids are still young for those.

Colonial America

Columbus discovers America

The story of how Christopher Columbus found a new land - America.

Roanoke - The Lost Colony

The first attempt to make a settlement in America.

Jamestown - The first settlement

The first successful settlement in America.

Plymouth - Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving

Pilgrims from Europe and the story of the first Thanksgiving dinner.

13 Colonies

How the 13 important colonies started in the East Coast.

American Revolution

Events until declaration of independence.

The American Revolution

What it is and what happened.

The French-American War

How England got full control over the 13 colonies.

Taxes imposed by British government

The taxes that made American people unhappy.

Formation of the Continental Congress

The group of founding fathers and how it was formed

The battle of Lexington and Concord

The first battle between England and America.

The battle of Bunker Hill

The famous war in Boston.

The declaration of Independence

America declared independence on July 4th, 1776

American Revolution

Events after the declaration of independence.

The battle of Long Island

A major battle right after declaration of independence.

The battle of Germantown

George Washington showed his brilliance in this battle even though America lost.

The last battles and the battle of Yorktown

The British Army surrendered after the battle of Yorktown

The treaty of Paris

British Government accepted America as an independent country on September 3, 1783.

Westward Expansion

How America became a country of 50 states.

Louisiana Purchase

America grew to 27 states after this purchase.

The America-Mexican war and inclusion of Texas

Texas was a country for a period. After this war, California, Arizona, Nevada and more states became U.S states.

The Oregon Treaty and Purchase of Alaska

Oregon, Washington and Alaska became part of U.S.

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