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Dear Parents,

Welcome to the world of Elementary School Mathematics! This is the moment when your children begin their exciting journey into the realm of numbers and operations. Cultivating a fondness for math during these formative years is incredibly important, as it lays the groundwork for their confident progression into middle and high school.

We all know that having a goal in mind drives us to excel—adults and children alike. Children thrive when they understand the purpose behind their actions and have clear objectives.

For the first time, we are bringing this approach to math learning. We have divided the entire math curriculum into manageable courses, with every lesson moving towards achieving a target. It’s a simple and powerful way to pave a path for a bright future.

Join us today to nurture your child’s mathematical potential. Together, let’s pave a path towards their brightest mathematical achievements.

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Parents of 4th graderSan Francisco, California
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My kids hate fractions. they say fraction does not make sense. I have tried 2 different private tutors, Khan Academy, IXL, Dreambox - all of them. PaerBoat academy is the only place where fraction feels easy and makes sense. I have been watching the lessons with my 4th grader and I can confidently say that these are the best lessons.
TeacherNew York
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I am a teacher and my daughter is struggling with math. We tried many different websites ( khan, ixl, study). PaperBoat is the most effective learning website for my daughter. Dr.C teaches everything as if he is telling a story. He relates everything to something we use and builds up the math from there. I think that is a very effective teaching style. You should get these lessons.
ParentsTel Aviv, Israel
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We like the cadence of the teacher. He is always smiling and somehow gives the feeling that mathematics is easy. He is the best teacher we have ever seen.
ParentsPhoenix, Arizona
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The teachers are very energetic and make mathematics feel easy. The best part is the video explanation of the practice problems.
ParentsSeattle, Washington
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My kid is dyslexic. He is very good at everything else. We are so happy we found the paper boat academy. It entirely changed our learning needs. This platform is the best we have seen. Thank you.
ParentsSan Francisco, California
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Very simple design and easy to follow lessons. Our kids love this brand new site. Each and every lesson is very thoughtfully made with plenty of examples. The best part is the video explanations of every problem. I highly recommend Paper Boat Academy to middle school parents.
ParentsPortland, Oregon
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My daughter is in grade 5. They use Dreambox at school. When we tried the paper boat academy, we were skeptical as it is brand new. I asked my daughter if we should continue, she said – “paper boat is a million times better than Dreambox!” These courses are excellent.
ParentsSan Francisco, California
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The instructors show a strong understanding of the material and delivered it in a very engaging way. They showed how to solve the same problem in multiple ways. The video explanations of practice problems are the best if your kids need extra help.
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