Dear Students,

Welcome to AP-IB Courses. This is where you will master a subject at the highest level and earn college credit!
Please remember, when you start learning a new concept, it's perfectly okay to go slow. There's absolutely no point in rushing - the important point is to grasp the concept and to use it for solving problems. So take your time and go thru every lesson. Some of the topics you might already know and it's perfectly alright to skip them. However, we encourage that you watch the videos as a review session. Often times your teacher will show you some tricks and also will talk about where and how a concept is used in real life.
You also have so many other things to learn, so we suggest you spend at least 45 min in learning AP-IB courses. If you give your best just for 45 min, you will find that these topics are so easy - they are just collections of a few rules and observations! That's all.
Please feel free to ask us any questions that you might have. We are here to help and will make sure that you will get all the help to understand a concept fully.
Good luck and enjoy your journey thru these advanced courses!

Physics 1

Calculus AB


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